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Okay, perhaps I’m being a little optimistic out there, maybe I’m jinxing the whole thing, but we just put an offer on a house the day it went up on the market. And in this market, it’s the kind of thing you have to do. I suppose, to illustrate, a story may be in order.

About two weeks ago, right when we arrived here, we started looking for homes and found an adorable home right in our price range. Newly refurbished kitchen. New laminate wood flooring throughout (except for the kitchen, which had ceramic tile). A massive, eat-in kitchen. A playground in the backyard, within walking distance to the local elementary school. It was perfect. We put an offer on it that very night.



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Me: >glug glug glug<

Daughter: Daddy, why are you drinking from the bottle?!

Me: I’m thirsty. Just don’t tell your mother.


Daughter: Mommy! Daddy’s drinking from the bottle!!

At least I know where I stand.

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I know this is out of order with the whole “arriving in Kansas” bit, but as we were trying to put our bed together last night, we discovered that the middle support beam, the one that carries probably most of the weight, is missing. Gone. Vanished.

As we were unloading the truck, I remember removing it from whatever pile of stuff it was in and setting it aside or handing it to someone to take in. So, I know it made it to Kansas. After that, everything is a mystery. An enigma. (more…)

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1,125,556 keys pressed

216,679 mouse buttons clicked

35.142 km traveled by the mouse

from 9/22/2005 to 8/10/2006

and i’m a teacher. i can hardly imagine what those who actually work on a computer will produce in just under a year.

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Kansas (part I)

I just wanted to write a quick little note to let you know that we’re alive and how we’re doing so far.

After driving for three straight days, we arrived in Manhattan last Sunday (the 13th) afternoon. The drive wasn’t at all as bad as I had feared. We left around 4:30 each morning, and every day we arrived around 2 pm local time at our motel. The kids usually slept until around seven, which gave me some alone time to drive and just watch the scenery pass by. Boy, was Colorado beautiful! We took close to 500 pictures along the way–we stopped at a number of “scenic view” exits along the way–so I will definitely get to posting them soon. The only problem has been that our camera card reader is packed in a truck that won’t be getting to our apartment until this afternoon, and then we need to unpack it, set everything up, etc., etc. So, stay tuned for that. (more…)

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Yikes! It’s a blog!

Wow…just, wow…I finally got one.

This little space here was born with one primary purpose. Given that we just moved about 1500 miles away from most of our friends and family and can’t really afford the long distance phone bills that such a move would be likely to generate, rik decided to set up a blog in which he and his lovely family could post pictures, publish family news, and generally say whatever they want.

So, watch this space for updates. Subscribe to the RSS feed so you know when there’s something new afoot. And don’t forget to send us some love way out here.

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