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And it’s not because we think they’re distracting.

Here‘s why.


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diet coke bw

Hanging out at Toto’s Tacoz, downtown Wamego, KS.

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7 years later

And it still keeps getting better.

Happy 7th, Sweetheart.

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the light of knowledge

Taken in one of my classrooms from last semester, just before class started.

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Chloe: When my tummy gets reeeeeally big (sticks her tummy out, illustrating), then I’ll stop eating and I’ll go potty.

Michelle: Okay.

Chloe: And then I’ll have room for dessert.

Kids are so sweet. They have such simplistic views of the way things work, and even if you try to explain to them that going potty doesn’t actually empty your stomach or come any closer to convincing Mommy and Daddy that they should order you dessert at the restaurant, they just look at you with those big, innocent

Chloe: Daddy?

Me: Uh…yeah?

Chloe: I really need to go potty.

Me: Oh, sorry.

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dessert at toto's

My dad recently came all the way from Utah to visit us out here in Kansas, and the kids had an absolute blast. They were really sad when they woke up and realized, after asking us 27 times where Grandpa was and us explaining, for the 27th time, that I had gotten up at 2 a.m. to take him back to the airport and had gotten back home before they even woke up and tried to get some sleep but to no avail and would you please stop talking because I have a splitting headache from the lack of sleep, that he was really gone.

The day before he left, he wanted to eat at Toto’s Tacoz one last time. It’s our favorite Mexican food place in Wamego, owned and operated by the loveliest couple of Santa Barbara, CA transplants. While we were there, the kids kept asking if they could have dessert (ice cream sandwiches), and finally, Grandpa suggested that that should be fine (at least, that’s how I’ll always remember it). Lucky them.

Lucky me I had my camera handy to enjoy all the yummy window light.

And an ice cream sandwich of my own.

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get together

It’s not often that our kids really, truly act like they like each other. Oh sure, they don’t try to kill each other or purposefully go out and break each other’s toys just for spite. But I mean, how often do we get to see heart-melting displays of sibling affection?

Rarely. Really.

This night, we put on Curious George for what might have been the 379th time and these two snuggled up together on the loveseat and just sat there, all cozy like, enjoying the movie together. They didn’t even budge when Daddy got the camera out and started going all picture crazy about it, either.

There’s just something about that adorable little monkey that really just brings the world together.

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