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mommy at the wheel 2

Day 3 of the road trip.


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shutterbug at the pool

Taken at the South Coast Hotel’s pool, in Las Vegas, NV. I had gone there for a job interview that turned out to be a total dead end. Oh well. My sister-in-law brought her kids and we had a good weekend there anyways.

This little shutterbug came along as well, just to take in the sights. Here, he was trying to get some action shots of a dad flipping his daughters into the pool. If you can’t tell, he actually got this shot of one of them upside-down in the air.

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Apparently, there’s only one copy of this on youtube. That, or everyone and their grandmother is contacting each of their friends to tell them to watch it (I’ve already seen it on two blogs this morning). Either way, this video is exactly the reason why I didn’t watch this, whenever it was on, but couldn’t help commenting on it once I had seen it.

“This” would be the Miss Teen USA competition, during the interview portion, where Miss Teen South Carolina (I love how they lose their identity when they enter this. She’s no longer Victoria or Jenny or Carlson–seriously, I saw a teen actress on the Disney channel with that first name–she’s just Miss Teen South Carolina) answers the following question:

Recent polls have shown that 1/5 of Americans can’t locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is?

Her answer is, frankly, stunning:

I didn’t see the end of the show (or any other part of it, actually), but something tells me she didn’t end up taking the tiara home.

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Michelle: Every time I see her cop some bad attitude I see me. And it’s scary. And that’s the reason I pray at night, so that maybe she can copy some of the good sometimes.

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My kids aren’t ice cream connoisseurs yet. They just like it straight up, plain. Nice and cold.

Unless we’re at Coldstone Creamery, in which case they like a few M&Ms mixed in for fun.

While in California, we hit the local Coldstone at the Victoria Gardens and, true to form, the kids wanted something pretty simple. Hyrum went with chocolate ice cream with M&Ms mixed in. I really don’t know what good turn we had performed, but our ice cream master was amazing. When he finished mixing the ice cream, he scooped it up on his little chopper, flicked it up into the air above his head and caught it in the cup with his other hand. He then passed it over the counter to us so we could hand it down to our eager but patiently waiting little boy.

After witnessing this little performance and receiving the tasty result, Hyrum looked at me and pointed back up over the counter and said, with wonder and awe in his voice:

Is that a magic maker? Is he a magic boy?

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just kickin' around

From Sunset Zoo’s “Boo in the Zoo,” Halloween 2006.

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rpotd: “zzyzx rd”

zzyzx rd

Taken fairly close to the beginning of our road trip move to Kansas.

The first time I was really introduced to this peculiar little road was sometime in high school, driving somewhere far away. We were playing a game that my meager powers of recollection lead to believe is called Goat. To play, you take a piece of paper and one person writes a letter. The next person has to add a letter to the word and it continues until someone believes that there is no word that has those letters at the beginning and calls “goat.”

Or something like that.

One round, someone started the word with a Z, and the next person put another Z. We all called goat on that one, and he claimed that there was some road called Zzyzx Road on the way to Las Vegas. We all laughed at him then. No one would believe him.

I’m a believer now.

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