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…in order to convince your friends that it would be a great idea to get together at your place, take off their shirts (covering those bits needing covering, of course), stand in front of your gorgeous blue wall, and let you dump all different sorts of foodstuffs on their heads while you take pictures?

Meg Wachter knows. You can see the results on her website. It’s in the “Dumped” collection, of course.

She made a video, too.


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3 down, 25 more to go

At least, I think. Someone more knowledgeable in the dental arts will have to confirm that math for me.

Oh well, this is really about the pictures, not the math.

Chloe recently lost her first upper tooth. Let the games begin:

There’s one more, perhaps the best one (but perhaps not…that’s all interpretation) over here.

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Since August 29, 2006, when I started working at K-State, I’ve had a little program running on my computer that tracks how many keys I press, how many mouse buttons I click, and how many kilometers I move the mouse. So, while this post may have made more sense a week and a half ago when it was actually August 29th, 2008, here’s the two-year sum of computer work at KSU:

  • Keys pressed: 3,754,277
  • Left clicks: 551,033
  • Middle clicks: 36,135
  • Right clicks: 8,835
  • Total clicks: 596,003
  • Miles traveled (by the mouse cursor): 83.5

Of course, by the time I finish this post, all the numbers are now out of date, but that’s an issue for the next anniversary post.

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