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Michelle: Young lady, if you don’t (insert desired behavior here) right now, I’m calling Santa. I can still tell him not to bring you any presents!

Chloe: That’s ok, Mom. I don’t need presents; Christmas isn’t about presents.


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I went to sleep at 9:30 last night. 9:30! That’s unheard of for me. We got up at 5:45 this morning because we had a rather busy morning planned and wanted to get an early start.

Here’s what our schedule looked like:

  1. Vote–The polling place near us, the Senior Center, opened at 7 this morning, and we knew we’d need to be there at 7 to be able to take care of all the other stuff we had going.
  2. IHOP–Ok, this wasn’t so much of a had-to-get-done as it was a necessary stop for food. It could have been anywhere, but our friends had a discount card that would get us a free entree, so we decided it was as good as anything.
  3. Ultrasound–This was the real reason we were going to IHOP. We were planning on keeping the kids home from school for the morning so we could bring them to Michelle’s ultrasound this morning. We wanted to make it a special day, so we added a nice breakfast in there. However, since the appointment was at 9, we had little time to vote, make the 20 minute drive, eat, and get to the appointment.

We expected voter turnout to be good, but we didn’t expect it to be this good, this early in the morning.


We brought the kids along, but didn’t expect the wind to be so cool. They made do just fine with a blanket from the car.


Voting took 30 minutes (once we found out that our side of town had a much shorter line than the other side of town) and then we took off for IHOP.

Doing our part:


And then we were off to the ultrasound appointment. It was a lot of fun. The baby was active, moving around, not modest at all (which is helpful for the lab tech), and absolutely adorable. While I don’t have the ultrasound pics scanned in, you might be able to find some helpful hints here.

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I recently found a wonderful set of instructions for new parents that are just fantastic: clear, concise, very difficult to misunderstand. They may also serve as a helpful refresher for seasoned veterans as well. Or as a preview for single folk not even ready to think about settling down.

Heck, just click the link already.

Just one caveat, though: when you read these, just make sure that you’re not drinking anything. Or attending a funeral. Or a disciplinary hearing. Or in a library. Or are around people with violent reactions to laughter.

Does that all count as one caveat?

Whatever…go learn something.

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…she goes and lets people stick things through our daughter’s ears.

one more step

Actually, it was Chloe that finally asked to have her ears pierced. She and Michelle were out shopping on a mommy-daughter date and found some Hello Kitty earrings that she just couldn’t resist. When Michelle pointed out that she couldn’t wear them because her ears weren’t pierced, she stopped, thought for a second, then asked, “Mom, can I get my ears pierced?”

Michelle just about jumped through the ceiling.

Chloe was very brave. Previously, she hadn’t asked to get her ears pierced, despite the fact that almost all of her little girlfriends’ ears were, because she was afraid that it would hurt too much. Now, with those Hello Kitty earrings in sight, she sat right down and took it. They didn’t even do both her ears at the same time, like they usually do for younger clients–the lady was the only one in the store, so she didn’t have an extra pair of trained hands to do it.

When I asked her afterwards if it hurt, she told me no–she had a better description of it, actually.

It was…surprising.

when i asked her to show me how she felt about getting her ears pierced

On an interesting cultural note, when I told my ESL classes about it on Monday, I did an informal poll of when girls in their home countries got their ears pierced. It seems that most Korean and Chinese girls get their ears pierced in high school, or just after graduating. I believe the same might hold true in Japan, from what I remember of conversations with my Japanese students back in California.

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I just finished talking to Michelle and I think she needs some help. I’m stuck at work, so I’m looking for someone who can rush off to her rescue.

Just so you know what you’d be up against, so far today she’s had to handle 2 different poop episodes, 1 pee incident, and 2 preschoolers. And before you say something about how all moms have to deal with that stuff–yes, you’re right, they do–I should point out that most moms only have to deal with the above items when they are produced by blood relatives. None of the above mentioned things have actually been the result of members of our family. The poop, for example, came from two different animals: one cat and one unidentified, possibly tree dwelling creature with a big appetite and loose bowels that likes to hang out above her car. And she got it on her hands both times.


Oh, and we’re having guests for dinner tonight.

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Hyrum: (loud and proud) Look, Mommy! I’m trying chocolate and my bum hurts!

Michelle: (trying not to spit out her food as she discretely laughs into her napkin, hoping he won’t notice) Really?

Hyrum: (still quite loud) Yeah, but it’s not the kind of hurt because I have to go to the bathroom.

Michelle: (still laughing but trying not to; still trying not to let Hyrum see; not succeeding at either) Oh, okay.

Chloe: (equally loud and excited) Maybe it’s a rash!

Me and Michelle: (succumbing to outright guffaws) Okay…

Hyrum: (practically screaming; almost hysterical with the giggles) A rash!? A rash on my bum!? What’s a rash?

All: (laughter consumes us)

Me: (calming down) Okay guys, let’s change the topic before we chase off all the rest of the restaurant guests.

At the Imperial Palace Chinese Buffet, Wamego. With Chloe’s preschool teacher from last year right behind us.

And really, it was a lot louder than you’re imagining.

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Michelle: Every time I see her cop some bad attitude I see me. And it’s scary. And that’s the reason I pray at night, so that maybe she can copy some of the good sometimes.

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