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trees are people, too

I have no words to describe this.

Except maybe awesome, funny, or cool. If those didn’t work, I might try inventive, clever, or even sweet. I suppose I could also say that I dig it, I’m down with that, or, if I’m feeling a bit adventurous, you might hear me say, I’m hip to that. That’s groovy might work. Holy cow, I wish I had done that first is a good candidate as well. If you were a betting person, you could possibly be inclined to put money on Man, I wish I had a few big white balloons and a whole lot of time and stealthiness to play with (the odds are good on that one).

Other than that, I really don’t know what to say.


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Another wacky website for you to check out: Wordle. It takes a chunk of text, a blog URL or RSS feed and creates a word cloud with the most frequently used words. You can also customize the color, layout, and font in a million different ways* to come up with a cloud you can call your own. Here’s mine:

Apparently, I’m somewhat obsessed with American Shopping Center.

Try your own, and leave the link below so I can see your finished word clouds. 🙂

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Okay people, this is an extremely important call to action here: It’s time to be active, people. It’s time to find your voice and express it. For far too long, too many of us have sat back and allowed the active minority to decide our fate for us. No more, I say! Rise with me, and make your voices heard! I mean, if you don’t vote for my adorable picture, who will?

Seriously, who?!

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As I was putting my homemade Valentine’s Day gift together for Michelle, I found myself in need of a bar code. I googled it and found one with a link to a website by one Scott Blake, a Bar Code Artist, if you will. His site is a lot of fun. You can make your own personal barcode. Here’s mine:

hello, my barcode is

Apparently, when scanned, my bar code indicates that I am worth a grand total of $9.78.

While on the website, make sure you request your free bar code art postcard (mine’s in the mail).

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new header

Because it’s not Autumn any more. If you’re reading this on a feed reader, feel free to click through to see.

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Well, I need my own version of it, at least, with my own mug and those of my family.

How cooperative do you think they would be? I think the odds are good.

The silly faces project, originally uploaded by fd. He’s going to print it large and hang it in his guest bedroom.

*Sigh* I want a guest bedroom to hang ours in, too.

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You now have an outlet for altruistic word learning: Free Rice, where every word you learn equals a donation of rice to feed the world’s hungry.

I stopped after 2000 grains of rice and a vocabulary level that at one point reached 43 (though it didn’t stay there for long). After you give it a try, let me know how many grains you donated and how high your vocabulary level reached.

I can see this as the start of something huge: FreeRice.com – Improve your vocabulary to end world hunger!

FreeRice.com Banner

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