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If you recall, before Christmas, Alan Honey, of Alan Honey Photography, let me use his studio to do some Christmas portraits of my family. I gave you a sneak peek a while ago, but now that everyone has opened their presents, I figured it’s okay to let you see them, too.

But you’ll have to go here to see them (the pictures are bigger over there). 🙂


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Michelle: Young lady, if you don’t (insert desired behavior here) right now, I’m calling Santa. I can still tell him not to bring you any presents!

Chloe: That’s ok, Mom. I don’t need presents; Christmas isn’t about presents.

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Well, it’s definitely that time of year! Time to go caroling, keep the hot chocolate warm on the stove, help out a neighbor, and tell everyone what they’re getting for Christmas!

That’s right, everyone! In this new internet-driven, free-information-for-all generation, we decided to post our Christmas list here on the Internet!

It’s fun! It’s really freeing, too! Just imagine, never having to use those precious cubic inches under your bed to hide presents anymore! Just throw them under the tree! Wrapping paper? Who needs it!

So, without further ado, your presents: This Friday, the family and I went to Alan Honey‘s photography studio. I’ve been working for him for about a year now, assisting him at his weddings and second shooting for him. It’s been a blast. One of the perks of the job is occasionally being able to use his studio when he’s not there. Chalk it up as experience and practice and we’re all happy. =]

After the practice session, Michelle and I got to thinking that these would make the perfect present for all of our relatives. So, if we share blood, just know: you’re getting pictures!

So, anyone care to give us a drum roll?

The overwhealming prospects of adding a baby subwoffer to our ever aging surround sound system.

The overwhelming prospects of adding a baby subwoofer to our already overpowering "surround-sound" system.

Goofy Mommy

Not all of the models were completely thrilled with their assignments. Don't tell them, but they're not getting paid.

Capturing the natives in their natural element.

I spent hours in Photoshop, working on this one to make sure it achieved all of the awesomeness that it was capable of achieving. To be honest, I think it's just a little more awesome than that.

Another classic...

A true classic, a family heirloom to be lovingly bequeathed from one family member to the next, again and again, down through the end of days.

There! Now you don’t have to lose any sleep at all, wondering if your gift will be the right size, color, or style! They’re perfect, and exactly what you wanted!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, the everlasting gift of beautiful family pictures!

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This year, I really wanted to get into the spirit of Halloween. I only do this for all of my international students, of course. So, I decided to put together a really scary costume that I could also wear around campus without making people think I was a freshman. Or lonely. Or a fantasy reader.

So, I turned my hat backwards, put on a polo shirt, jeans, and a fake press badge for Jimmy “Pop” A. Razzo, staff photographer for the National Reporter. I grabbed my new camera, the Canon 40D, set it to high speed burst mode (6.5 frames/second), put a flash on (set to the lowest level for the fastest recycling time and lowest battery consumption), and set out to terrorize the campus.

Ok, mostly, I just terrorized my fellow teachers and a few students. And a random guy dressed as a Lego man.


Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the photographic evidence to prove it (except that my badge is flipped around backwards):

I can’t tell you how many times someone asked me if there was any film in the camera. I’d just shake my head in a reassuring way and say no. Then, when they relaxed a bit, I pointed out that it was digital and unloaded the Canon at them.

At the end of the day, I had over 1200 images, 8 exhausted (rechargeable) AA batteries, and a lot more enemies.

Oh, and a video:

I think many people would agree: definitely a scary costume.

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As promised, this post will be short on words and long on pictures.

On Christmas Eve, we headed down to Provo to visit Brigham Young University, where Michelle and I were both students when we met. We both eventually graduated from there as well. We knew that they had big changes planned–tearing down one building and replacing it, adding another–but we hadn’t been there together in years, so we swung by.

The campus was, understandably, very quiet, which was nice for us. We got to wander around to our hearts’ content and not have to worry about who we were bothering or who would be bothering us.

After spending some time in the Bookstore (a fun place for us to shop), we went out to see the campus. We really wanted to see the new Joseph F. Smith Building because we had seen the plans and they looked spectacular. It really is a very nice building–lots of glass outside to let the light in, a massive courtyard that allows even more of the building to be filled with light. There’s also a great fountain with a sizeable pool there as well.

The best part of the courtyard at this particular time, however, was that it was just about the only place on campus with untouched snow. There wasn’t a whole lot–maybe just a half an inch or so–but it was enough for the kids to scoop into snowballs to throw at the big rock features in the fountain. They rather enjoyed this, if you can’t tell.

enjoying the snow

i think she's having a good time


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No, we didn’t die on vacation. Or join a cult. Or get sucked into a black hole. I’ve just been a bit busy since we got back.Now that I’m back at work, though, I’ve got more time on my hands for things like blogging. Go figure.

So, this is the beginning of the rundown of the major events from our Christmas vacation, including lots of pictures. This first post is rather long in particular because we have lots of things to say about the trip there. Consider yourselves duly warned.

So, on with the show.


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All the youngest kids, waking Christmas morning, excited to see what the wrapping paper will yield. Six kids are there, three boys, three girls, eager for the moment when Mom and Dad will come to their rooms and line them up for their march out to the living room, lined up with the oldest in back. The presents are opened, one at a time, and the rest of the day is filled with cardboard boxes, good food, and rest and relaxation in our pajamas.

Today, it’s almost the same. The six youngest are again at Dad’s house, only this time, there are some spouses and grandkids thrown in the mix. The excitement is largely felt by the six grandkids, the oldest of which is merely six. The location of the house has moved from California to Utah, and there’s actually snow on the ground. With so many kids and grandkids around, there’s not enough beds to go around, but there are several air mattresses scattered throughout the house, enough to accommodate all that have made the trip.

JP, the second youngest, arrived around 10 a.m. or so Christmas Eve, along with Mom and Lisa. He’s got the mattress in the kitchen. Russ, the second oldest, just got in on his plane, around 8 p.m., and he’s a little thirsty. The mattress in the kitchen makes access to the cupboards difficult, if not impossible. And so he steps on it to get a glass.

JP: (to Russ, threatening) You know, in some ethnicities, a man would be killed for stepping on another man’s bed.

Russ: (not missing a beat) Dude, in some cultures, we’d be married.

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