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Here. No explanation should be necessary.

But, just in case.


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I’m done.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that. I’d say more here, but I’d hate to give anything away to those that haven’t finished yet. If you want to talk about the book (like I do), use the Talk page, not the comments below…we don’t want to give anything away to those that haven’t finished reading yet, now do we.

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The coolest trailer mash up ever.


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Men are rarely subjected to this kind of tampered image of beauty, but women face it beginning when they are quite young, and it follows them until the day they can finally convince themselves that it’s fake and not worth the stress (which may or may not happen in their lifetime).

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And it’s not because we think they’re distracting.

Here‘s why.

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Carpool Buddy: There’s nothing like watching your beloved spouse get their brain smashed out all over the concrete.

Me: No kidding.

CB: I can understand it when, you know, they’re 20 and do it to feel like a man.

Me: (silent; nodding)

CB: But then there’s the 45-year old woman trying to act like a man…

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Quite a while ago, Rachel posted her response to an interview meme that was (apparently) going around. In it, she had to answer 5 questions that someone asked her because she invited that person to do so. Then, she had to be open to anyone wishing to be interviewed and provide the 5 questions for that interview. I took the bait, and here are my responses to her queries.

1. What is the hardest part about being a parent to two young children? and what is the one thing they do that can make you forget all about that? The hardest part about raising two young children has got to be simply how much longer everything takes. If you could get them to both remember to use the potty at (or around) the same time, ask for a drink at the same time, go to sleep at the same time, things would be very different. Getting pajamas on (or off) is a massive undertaking because as you’re focusing on one, the other, without fail, finds something to do that is much more interesting. So you stop focusing on the one and try to help the other, which simply frees the one to get distracted by something. Whole days of our lives have disappeared just trying to get the children from a state of normal dress to a prostrate position, relatively ready for slumber.

And what makes it all better? Seeing one of them do something selfless for the other: giving up a piece of chocolate when the other’s has fallen on the floor, running as fast as they can to give their sibling a hug when they’re upset, paying an unsolicited compliment…these are the things that keep us going and hoping for more.

2. What do you think your wife would say is the hardest thing about marriage? Now Rachel, that’s a rather loaded question. What’s the hardest thing about marriage the institution? About being a part of our family in general? Or about being married to me specifically? There would be very different answers to each of these, I think.

Is that answer a total cop out intended to save me from incriminating myself and adding more strain than is necessary to our relationship?

Why yes it is, thank you very much.

3. What was the most used sentence or phrase on your move from California to Kansas (one for each person travelling with you, including yourself)?


Are you tired? Do you need me to drive?

She’s pretty much one of the most anxious (by which I mean to say concerned) people I know, especially when it comes to the safety of her children.

And yes, in cases like these, she really means her children.


Can we watch a movie?

Sometimes I love the videocassette player in our car. Sometimes I hate it. It was a real blessing on our trip, but now, I will never be able to convince them to just enjoy the scenery.


A choo-choo train! A choo-choo train!

The kid is absolutely nuts about trains and we happened to see a fair number of them on our way. He pointed out every single one, over and over again.


Are we there yet?

4. If you found $1,000 on the street would you keep it or turn it in? Unequivocally yes. I have to view this question from the perspective of the Golden Rule: if I had lost $1,000 on the street, what would I hope that someone would do with it? Maybe by turning it in, I can restore someone’s lost faith in humanity, put a smile on their face, make them call their wife, mom, husband, friend in a giddy fit of gratitude. Maybe it would save their job. Who knows?

And hey, lest you think me totally altruistic, I would also make sure that the police took down my name and phone number, just in case.

5. If you had the choice between watching the Discovery Channel or Cartoon Network which would you choose? and why? For me, this is hardly a choice worth spending neural energy on: USA.

Oh, wait…that wasn’t one of the choices. Of the two available, I would definitely choose the Discovery Channel: I could watch Deadliest Catch and Mythbusters for hours. As a sure sign of my advancing age, I just don’t understand what I used to find so interesting in cartoons. Sure, I still watch Pixar movies with great interest, but those are an entirely different beast.

And now, I suppose this is the point where I have to mention that if you would like to be interviewed by yours truly, leave a comment below and tell me to interview you. Also, make sure that I have your email address (or some other method of communicating with you) so that I can send you your questions. If you don’t want to post your email address in the comment box below (and I wouldn’t want to either, if I were you), just go ahead and leave the comment indicating your willingness to continue the meme and then use my contact page to send me the email address safely and securely.

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