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I don’t think I’d be tapping into ancient history if I asked you to think back to the UPS ad campaign that featured the question, “What can brown do for you?” I feel just a little bad because I have been on both the shipping and receiving end of brown’s services many times, but I’ve never really stopped to consider even thinking about reciprocating. So today, it’s all about what I can do for brown.

You see, recently, we ordered a crib from an online retailer and were told it would be coming via UPS. We liked this prospect because the lab I order my prints from always ships via UPS and they’ve proven themselves very reliable and careful with my precious cargo.

Once the order was processed and updated in the retailer’s database, they sent us an email with tracking information and a link to UPS’s website. The tracking information indicated that our crib would be arriving on the 7th, which was not totally unexpected, but still a bit longer than we would like. However, since we only paid 97 cents for shipping, I guess we got what we paid for.

We clicked through to the UPS site, just to check and see where it was coming from, more out of curiosity than because of some actual need to know, and discovered that it was coming from Hodgkins, IL–basically from Chicago. That’s good news because we know that it’s only about an 8-hour drive (or so) from here to there. Best of all, UPS indicated that it would actually deliver on the 6th. Hey, great surprise! Brown comes through for us again!

As time drew closer to the actual arrival of the crib, on the 5th, I believe, we went back to check on our (big) little package’s progress, and were a bit surprised by what we had seen:


(Okay, no laughing about the “delivered” bit…I didn’t capture this until after the fact).

What, you don’t understand? Let me show you.

The package left Hodgkins, IL, and traveled to Kansas City, KS. No problem.

From there, it went to Salina, KS. Feel free to click the images if you need extra help with visualizing this.


It left Salina and went to Lenexa, KS.


From Lenexa, it took a trip to Manhattan. See the problem yet?


From Manhattan, they finally decided they could take it out to us, after making a grand total of THREE trips past our home.

Here’s the way Google breaks it down:

  • Hodgkins, IL, to Wamego, KS: 625 miles, 9 hours and 34 minutes
  • Hodgkins, IL, to Kansas City, KS, to Salina, KS, to Lenexa, KS, to Manhattan, KS, to Wamego, KS: 1011 miles, 15 hours and 48 minutes.

That means UPS went 386 miles out of its way, which should’ve added an extra 6 hours and 14 minutes. That wouldn’t be so bad, except that the way that UPS did it actually added over 77 hours to the trip.

I guess Google doesn’t account for bathroom breaks and fast-food stops.

So, because I don’t want UPS to think that I never did anything for them, here‘s what I can do for brown.


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save the date

We have our flights booked, and will be making a brief appearance in Southern California between August 7th and August 14th. Anyone in the Inland Empire, LA, or Orange County areas interested in booking us for an evening of fun or an afternoon of mischief should definitely contact our agent soon.

Or you could just leave us a note below, or email us, or use the oh-so-convenient contact page. The engagement is free when you contact us directly. If you go through our agent, though, we’ll have to charge: our agent always wants a cut.

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As promised, this post will be short on words and long on pictures.

On Christmas Eve, we headed down to Provo to visit Brigham Young University, where Michelle and I were both students when we met. We both eventually graduated from there as well. We knew that they had big changes planned–tearing down one building and replacing it, adding another–but we hadn’t been there together in years, so we swung by.

The campus was, understandably, very quiet, which was nice for us. We got to wander around to our hearts’ content and not have to worry about who we were bothering or who would be bothering us.

After spending some time in the Bookstore (a fun place for us to shop), we went out to see the campus. We really wanted to see the new Joseph F. Smith Building because we had seen the plans and they looked spectacular. It really is a very nice building–lots of glass outside to let the light in, a massive courtyard that allows even more of the building to be filled with light. There’s also a great fountain with a sizeable pool there as well.

The best part of the courtyard at this particular time, however, was that it was just about the only place on campus with untouched snow. There wasn’t a whole lot–maybe just a half an inch or so–but it was enough for the kids to scoop into snowballs to throw at the big rock features in the fountain. They rather enjoyed this, if you can’t tell.

enjoying the snow

i think she's having a good time


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No, we didn’t die on vacation. Or join a cult. Or get sucked into a black hole. I’ve just been a bit busy since we got back.Now that I’m back at work, though, I’ve got more time on my hands for things like blogging. Go figure.

So, this is the beginning of the rundown of the major events from our Christmas vacation, including lots of pictures. This first post is rather long in particular because we have lots of things to say about the trip there. Consider yourselves duly warned.

So, on with the show.


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As I mentioned earlier, a couple of weeks ago my grandmother passed away. She was the last grandparent on my side of the family, and the one I knew the best, so it hit me harder than any other before her. I flew out there for the funeral and to spend a day or two with my family. It was really nice being back in Utah. There’s just something about the mountains that I feel very connected to, so it really did feel like I was returning home. Add to that the fact that my brother Russ, whom I hadn’t seen for a few years, and all the rest of my extended family, that I hadn’t seen in even more years, also flew out, and it just really made everything complete.

While there, I had a great time with my camera, and brought home some images that I am really quite happy with. This may be a long post, actually, because of all the pictures I want to put up.

Day one I was apparently either too busy to take pictures or not interested enough in anything to actually get the camera out of the bag. The only shots I really got were from the Kansas City airport in the wee hours of the morning while waiting for my flight and from my dad’s front yard in the late afternoon.

an early start to the trip

at my dad's house

More pictures after the jump. And not many more of them are of the sky, I promise. (more…)

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…while all the rest of the blogworld has been NaBloPoMo-ing.

In case you (or you or you, but really, I don’t think this will affect too many other people) have been coming around, wondering where we have been this past week or so, I just wanted to dig myself out of my pile of work for a moment to wave frantically and say “Go away! I have too much to do!”

Seriously, though, my grandma passed away last weekend and so Tuesday I flew out to attend the funeral and to see my family for a couple of days. It was really nice to just hang out with my dad and brother Russ for a while and catch up with the rest of the extended family (some of whom I had never met before). I came back late late Thursday and have been trying to put my life back in order ever since.

To make things even more fun, I got to assist and second shoot at my first wedding this past Saturday! I posted some of the images and such that I shot here, over on my photoblog, all the standard images.

So, if you’ve been looking for me, you know where I’ve been. I’ll be back, but who knows when.

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shutterbug at the pool

Taken at the South Coast Hotel’s pool, in Las Vegas, NV. I had gone there for a job interview that turned out to be a total dead end. Oh well. My sister-in-law brought her kids and we had a good weekend there anyways.

This little shutterbug came along as well, just to take in the sights. Here, he was trying to get some action shots of a dad flipping his daughters into the pool. If you can’t tell, he actually got this shot of one of them upside-down in the air.

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