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This year, I really wanted to get into the spirit of Halloween. I only do this for all of my international students, of course. So, I decided to put together a really scary costume that I could also wear around campus without making people think I was a freshman. Or lonely. Or a fantasy reader.

So, I turned my hat backwards, put on a polo shirt, jeans, and a fake press badge for Jimmy “Pop” A. Razzo, staff photographer for the National Reporter. I grabbed my new camera, the Canon 40D, set it to high speed burst mode (6.5 frames/second), put a flash on (set to the lowest level for the fastest recycling time and lowest battery consumption), and set out to terrorize the campus.

Ok, mostly, I just terrorized my fellow teachers and a few students. And a random guy dressed as a Lego man.


Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the photographic evidence to prove it (except that my badge is flipped around backwards):

I can’t tell you how many times someone asked me if there was any film in the camera. I’d just shake my head in a reassuring way and say no. Then, when they relaxed a bit, I pointed out that it was digital and unloaded the Canon at them.

At the end of the day, I had over 1200 images, 8 exhausted (rechargeable) AA batteries, and a lot more enemies.

Oh, and a video:

I think many people would agree: definitely a scary costume.


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Since August 29, 2006, when I started working at K-State, I’ve had a little program running on my computer that tracks how many keys I press, how many mouse buttons I click, and how many kilometers I move the mouse. So, while this post may have made more sense a week and a half ago when it was actually August 29th, 2008, here’s the two-year sum of computer work at KSU:

  • Keys pressed: 3,754,277
  • Left clicks: 551,033
  • Middle clicks: 36,135
  • Right clicks: 8,835
  • Total clicks: 596,003
  • Miles traveled (by the mouse cursor): 83.5

Of course, by the time I finish this post, all the numbers are now out of date, but that’s an issue for the next anniversary post.

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Tired of all the dust and general ickiness that’s been building up on your computer monitor? Can’t be bothered to find a clean cloth and some cleaner to get rid of it? Well, now you can get rid of all that mess with a fantastic, new, internet-delivered screen cleaning.

That’s right: your screen can be cleaned through a recently developed utility that downloads quickly and goes right to work. There’s no complicated installation, and because it’s internet-delivered, it doesn’t hog any system resources. When you’re done, just close your browser and you won’t have to worry about it. Your screen will (virtually) be as good as new!

Give it a shot. You’ll never go back to the old school, analog, rag-and-cleaner system again!

At least, not until after you stop laughing.

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Day 11, originally uploaded by dubstyle.


I can’t wait until work is over for the season (this coming Wednesday!) and I have time to come up with crazy stunts like this.

Ooooooh boy.

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life lessons

I received an email from one of my students today:

Dear Rik,

I’m so sorry I was absent today, I got acute gastroenteritis last night. I’m not gonna cook by myself anymore.

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…any rectangular, roughly donut- or cake-sized white box needs to have a post-it note placed on it:

This does not have food in it. Sorry.

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Finally, I hope you can imagine Starbucks how it looks from inside. If you want to hang out with your friends, wife, girlfriend, and boyfriend you have to try this place.

From a student’s paper (emphasis added) describing an interesting location. I think he may not have realized quite the possibly violent entourage he was inadvertently assembling for a trip to get some joe.

The lesson for English language learners: never organize a trip for your wife and your girlfriend and your boyfriend at the same time. It just gets a bit awkward.

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