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on the radio: “my kind of cloth”

The Fugitive was cut from a different kind of cloth. My kind of cloth. The itchy kind.

From This American Life, #28 Detectives

If you haven’t heard of This American Life, it’s a weekly radio show about, well, life in America, hosted by Ira Glass on Chicago Public Radio (and possibly carried by a public radio station near you). They have a free weekly podcast of one of their old episodes, or you can listen to any episode in the archive (I believe) for free.

And believe me–you want to listen.

Older podcast topics that I’ve recently listened to and enjoyed:

  • Detectives: America’s fascination with private eyes, detective stories, and crime shows–David Sedaris and his own armchair-detective relatives, and Ira spends some time hanging out with a real private eye.
  • Special Ed: What it’s like realizing that you are different from “normal” people, a documentary about some special needs kids who went cross-country with a video camera and microphone, interviewing anyone they wanted.
  • Accidental Documentaries: Documentaries made from recordings that were made decades ago–a family recording letters to a son in medical school, Ira’s own father’s stint in radio (that he didn’t know about growing up), and a woman’s mother, who fell in love with her husband because of his voice reading poetry on the radio. In Spanish.

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Should I preface this conversation by saying that we are going to see a movie tonight so Michelle and the kids picked up some cheap boxes of candy at Wal-Mart? Or that it took place right after they had left Wal-Mart and were just starting the 20 minute ride home? I just don’t think I can do it and maintain the flow of the conversation, but without it, nothing would make sense without prompting serious and probably untrue hypotheses about our family. Oh well. I’ll just get right to the good stuff.

Hyrum: Mommy, can I please have some candy?

Michelle: No, Sweetie, the candy is for the movie.

(pause; the driving continues)

Hyrum: Mommy, can we please watch a movie?

Michelle: Sure.

(Michelle starts a movie on the car video player; pause)

Hyrum: Mommy, can I please have some candy now?

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Carpool Buddy: There’s nothing like watching your beloved spouse get their brain smashed out all over the concrete.

Me: No kidding.

CB: I can understand it when, you know, they’re 20 and do it to feel like a man.

Me: (silent; nodding)

CB: But then there’s the 45-year old woman trying to act like a man…

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Carpool Buddy: Wait, I have an idea.

Me: What’s that?

CB: You don’t drink alcohol, do you?

Me: (hesitant and afraid) Uh, noooo…

CB: Well, I’m not one to tell you to go against the teachings of your religion or anything, but if you just went home and got really drunk every night, you could just pass out at 8 and never notice a thing.

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Carpool Buddy: If they tell me, “I didn’t do it,” I’m fine, red X, we’re done. No big deal.

Me: No kidding.

CB: Just don’t give me none of this “My latina friend Jeff is channeling my dead uncle.”

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Carpool Buddy: But grammar class, that was something else. I went into altered states in that class.

Me: Uh…what?

CB: No seriously, I entered a state of telepathic rapport with Noam Chomsky! I’M SERIOUS! It was amazing!

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one thing i won't see in kansas

Shot in the weeks before we left all the traffic behind and moved to Kansas. And so far, I really haven’t seen this yet.

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